You'll find bathing suit was looking for you! Swim Shop
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After your shopping,


The other day, I went to Shin-Okubo.
On Sunday it was the shop where it was packed( I'm sorry.)

Our aim is to...

ShopYourIJust a fewII went to said(^^)/
Is recommended to reserve when you go because the shop is crowded when you go!

And nowCheesedaccarbyFor pictures please!

Eat cheese, I am!

During the meat course, Udon noodles, ingredients, such as ddekbokgi, the sweet potato traveled!
I like spicy, spicy with a good way to eat(*^^*)

Want to eat the sweets after eating spicy food
Located in Shinjuku lumine was tried ago
Sweet potato shop[POGG]To go!
Is a good buy because the other day was sold out.

By all means! Hello everyone
After shopping at the swimming swimmer after
Please try it (^ o ^)
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