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(Hokkaido limited) Birch juice-facials
Skin, moisturized, and overly influenced by age
Experience rejuvenation in SAP

SAP components with active enzymes(Cause of aging)Can you eliminate the cells of your skin becomes vibrant in shiny, moisturized skin.

Platinum 24 k gold small face facial
Revives skin diminished
Tied body ions and nanoparticles of gold leaf and produces very small amounts of current.
This current better blood flow and stimulates the metabolism bring up activity at the cellular level, leads to a shiny skin plump.
And lifting up wonderfully with the effect of the ion and the small faces.

Original Whole body detox and want to

Takinoya original special treatment
Body limpatritoment
Foot with hot stones

Body To want to get better blood flow and swelling


Facial treatments

Combination Treatment Your face and body to the tired


Light of kamui
Small face facial 40 min footling PA massage 30 min

Frebe shizuku
Small face facial 40 min 60 minutes aromatherapy

Nuptial Megumi
Small face facial 60 min aromatherapy 60 min 10 min head massage

Reclining Chair To the shoulders, neck, face and foot refreshing want


Footlimpatherapy & his
Tired of the shoulders and legs are effective.
Head will loosen intensive part of the stiffness of the neck and shoulders.
Foot from knee to foot soles acupuncture politely oil with lymphatic drainage,
Swelling and Dal, and removes fatigue and muscle pain

20 minute foot head 20 minutes

Ladies bodickeatherapy
Ginger and spicy so far, according to each person's choice.