May Festival🎏

2018In April, 29

Noboribetsu hot spring weather today?? Golden Week is highest in the sky(o ^ ^ o)! 皆さまこんにちは 滝乃家トリートメントspa 杉本です?? Which today operates fine?? A while ago, from a certain Lady takinoya this season and in the carp streamer?が上がることを聞いており楽しみにしていたのですが、、、 今日その姿をサロンのデッキから拝むことができました??? But because of my shooting skills may can't too much due to its vigor and the wind is not blowing,? Very good and vivid carp streamers,??? I think from under the floor and I'm sure a nice sight?(*^^*) Please visit would be staying until the day of the child-??? ?Sugimoto?Languageこのページは自動的に翻訳されました。元の内容と異なる場合がありますので、ご注意ください。

Link between muscle and brain🌟

2018On April 28.

Even this noboribetsu tidbit cherry finally starting to bloom has been🌸Next week around flowers or even perhaps💕Today is talk about muscle and brain✨Important to strengthen the muscles of the lower body, to move freely to any of🌈It is common in the squat exercise💓You toned up basic metabolism⤴Just and better blood circulation, as well as healthy🌟In the brain it is secreted active material to approach the recall motion and muscles.💖I noticed at work muscles of the legs on the stairs up and down✨Take a look at the squat and escalators instead of using the stairs, is the lower body muscle treossme😊✨Hasegawa Language this page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original.


From tomorrow


Hello? From tomorrow the weather is!? Like a 9 week long, envious.?? Served in Japan during golden week in the first half like so it becomes even more enjoyable also.? I think many visiting takinoya? Please heal daily fatigue in noboribetsu hot and fresh seasonal seafood with plenty of delicious food.? Spa depending on the time zone that can guide your time so please feel free to contact? We look forward welcoming our guests online? Akaishi Language this page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original.


Plus: China🌹🌹✨


Noboribetsu hot spring rain today? 風はあまり強くありません。 皆さまこんばんは 滝乃家トリートメントspa 杉本です?? Which today operates fine( ´ ▽ ` ) Recently, hood separately come to the head have our salon regulars who gave such nice things?? Red Roses is nicely preserved.??? Thanks to the counter of the spa and became glamorous?? Thank you very much??? 5On the floor will look to try to turn-??? ?Sugimoto?Languageこのページは自動的に翻訳されました。元の内容と異なる場合がありますので、ご注意ください。


A rainy day☔


Hello? Noboribetsu today is rainy day? It came out quite well will become too lazy rainy days? 本日は雨の日でもお家で出来る運動をご紹介! ズバリ、ラジオ体操です!? ラジオ体操はたった数分間の体操ですが、 ・全身の引き締め ・血流改善 ・筋力強化 ・姿勢改善 ・肩こりや頭痛改善 など嬉しい効果が数え切れないほどあります。 体操で全身を引き締める効果があるとはイメージしにくいですよね。しかし、ラジオ体操には、普段あまり使わない筋肉を動かす動作が多く取り入れられています。 例えば、 体を前後左右にねじる動作は、ウエストをきゅっと締める 屈伸やジャンプで、むくみや脚の歪みが改善し美脚に 腕を思い切り伸ばしたり、胸を反らすことで、二の腕の引き締めやバストアップ に効果があるとされています? より効果的にラジオ体操をするには、ひとつひとつの動きの意味(体のどこの部分を動かしているのか)を意識して行うこと。 動かしている筋肉を意識するだけで、自然とその部分に力が入って効果をアップさせることができます? 手軽に出来る運動なので 是非皆様も試してみてくださいね? Akaishi Language this page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original.


Mind matrix shop👀👀

2018On April 23.

Noboribetsu hot spring weather today?? A sunny day is apparently crumble weather from tomorrow until today,?? 皆さまこんにちは 滝乃家トリートメントspa 杉本です?? Which today operates fine( ´ ▽ ` )! さて、登別温泉街には常に行列が出来ている気になるお店があります。 それがコチラ↓ 『福庵』さんというお蕎麦屋さんです? Really shop here, in our work while enjoying daily off the store, in the popular matrix(OvO) 特に外国の方々が多く並んでおり、 さりげなく会話を聞いてみると 『テンプラ!』『テンドン!』 といったワードがちらほら??笑 なるほど、すごく美味しそうですね?? Unless you are lunch 12:00-prepared because it has been crowded until 13:30 some lines during that time period may be necessary('-Ω-be) Is that crews store card?? If takinoya stay in Fuzhou have collected went to Mr. Juan and brought us feedback tell us??Lol ?Sugimoto?Languageこのページは自動的に翻訳されました。元の内容と異なる場合がありますので、ご注意ください。


10Day carbon dioxide Pack challenge!


Hello? Noboribetsu today is sunny?? It is beautiful? As I wrote the title, including my spa beauty salon staff now 10 packs on consecutive days, we are aiming for beautiful skin? 以前にもブログでご紹介しておりましたが、 私たちが使用しているパックがこちら エニシーグロワパック 特許を所得した製法で作られた炭酸パックです。 通常の炭酸パックでは空気中の酸素と反応し二酸化炭素が作られて炭酸パックとなるので大気中にも散ってしまうことや炭酸の発生が多いところと少ないところがあるなどばらつきもあるのがデメリットでしたが、 このパックはジェル自体が炭酸に変化するため安定した量を常に作ることができます? Even with patented prescription Lactone prescription carbonate occurs uniformly? Continue this Pack can be expected to face of cosmetic changes and so first of all is a challenge in 10 days? But the owner has passed for the first time about 4 days was just rough skin skin and beautiful complexion had gone out,?? 10I am studying Pack days to look forward to every night? So I think there is opportunity in the Spa at the time come everyone please try to experience.?? Akaishi Language this page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original.


Dyed Green


Noboribetsu hot spring weather again today?? Temperatures continued and summer warmth( ´ ▽ ` ) 皆さまこんにちは 滝乃家トリートメントspa 杉本です?? Which today operates fine?? さて、 当サロンの窓一面に望める山の風景が段々と青みを増してきました。 冬の銀世界から、雪解け。 落葉により色の乏しい禿山を経て漸く生き生きとした緑がお目見えしてきました( Be! ') I feel and look more green mountain is still a refreshing?? It has been increasing warmth from the more lush and colorful mountain?? Just looks at the landscape, giving vitality and healing?? 当サロンの大きな窓から自然を眺めつつ、トリートメントでお身体も解してあげて、、、 極上のリラクゼーションになること間違いなしです( ?Ω? )?? Mind and body together thank you, sincerely?? Booking and forward from the heart??? ?Sugimoto?Languageこのページは自動的に翻訳されました。元の内容と異なる場合がありますので、ご注意ください。


The real season now.❗Kiwi is the ally of the bowel🥝🥝


Noboribetsu hot spring weather again today?? お出かけに最高な天候となっております! 皆さまこんにちは 滝乃家トリートメントspa 杉本です?? Which today operates fine( ´ ▽ ` )! さて。個人的なお話なのですが今日出勤前に私、キウイフルーツを食べてきまして??? I'll openly wondered is what effect the Kiwi fruit is good and is often heard, because it looked a little?? Its vitamin C content is first of all the notable?By Kiwi 1 and contains about 70% of the recommended amount of vitamin C in one day? Say vitamin C whitening and skin are known to relieve constipation effect there? Support the Peristaltic movement of the intestine to become food for bacteria in the intestine and dissolved gases? Should take effect is due to constipation, dietary fiber in flight soft thus bowel movements help high soluble fiber is Kiwi is great concentrations of soluble dietary fiber?Therefore, say fruit is the best in the intestines? The effect of potassium rich in the Kiwi will drain the excess fluid in the body, to eliminate the swelling?? ただ食べすぎには注意が必要です。 基本暖かい地域で生まれたフルーツや野菜には身体を冷やす、鎮静する特徴があります。 キウイも暖かい地域で生まれたフルーツですので、過剰に摂取してしまうと冷えの原因になりかねません(*_*) Or I might just eat dessert as well!?? Happy once reference we aim to "clean" from the body.(*^^*)?? ?Sugimoto?Languageこのページは自動的に翻訳されました。元の内容と異なる場合がありますので、ご注意ください。


Featured menu!👀

2018On April 17.

Hello? Noboribetsu today is good weather.? Still more good weather and mood? さて本日はこれからの時期にぴったり! 新メニューをご紹介です? By using the products of France-made organic brand was introduced on this blog ago "Gamal d' menu.? こちら↓ 足裏角質を専用のリムーバーで落としたあとにひざ下~足裏までのフットマッサージを? Then firmly continue the moisturizing Pack. In a hot stone foot also improves the blood warm?And healing effect is outstanding? Good care foot calluses on your own time, those annoying please let this opportunity? Slick heel touch much and want to be a perspective? ご来店お待ちしております。 詳しくはスパのスタッフまでお気軽にお声がけくださいね? Akaishi Language this page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original.