2018In July, 10 pm

Noboribetsu hot spring rain today???
The rain has been strong( ´Д` )?

Our hi
Takinoya treatments spa Sugimoto.??

Which today operates fine( ???* )!

Have it, examined the health effects of health food and famous natto?!


納豆に多くふくまれるビタミンB群(B1,B2,B12)の効果により肌が美しく(美肌効果)があると言われています?In the B-complex vitamins women are helping forge an attractive fair-skinned beauty in alters various functions in a healthy body?
It is also in Group B so not even natto contains more vitamin E also because this promotes blood circulation to blood vessels becomes a healthy skin. In addition to vitamin E to smooth the secretion of female hormones, skin whitening, cosmetic effect.??


Will refresh your body minerals and lecithin and avoid further tammin b: galore, etc. comes from the heat of the power plant. Natto is essential in the prevention of summer food?


納豆菌には腸内の善玉菌(ビフィズス菌など)の働きを活気づけ、整腸作用との相乗効果で腸内をきれいに掃除してくれる働きがあるため、納豆菌による整腸効果と繊維質の働きで納豆を食べていれば腸はいつもきれいで便秘もなく、若々しい体が保てます??In the intestines for digestion and absorption of be done smoothly if there is healthy and normal working, have anti-aging effects?

Submitted by excerpts, still many great effects of natto is like the interminably long blog because(^ ^)Lol


Also try aiming the power of fermentation of natto, a healthy body and skin?(o^^o)♪