2018On July 17.

Noboribetsu hot spring rain, today rain.?/?
High humidity heroics was and is a relaxed(´?Ω?`)

Our hi
Takinoya treatments spa Sugimoto.??

Which today operates fine( Be: ' )!

Pleasing to the eyes of the tourists coming to the noboribetsu hot spring with colorful trees grow here and there people??

From a lot of customers what kind?? Was that the answer had to be asked but unfortunately will not be able to?
Is the movement suddenly turned out surprisingly quickly??

It is a tree of???

Its name is "Cornus kousa'??

It has a different color like poinsettia leaves.???

You will have a kousa for white in the takinoya??

By the way since the bridge at the entrance of hot spring-I and grows a lot of Cornus kousa pink if you come down, very nice!( Be: ' )♪

Season of bloom is now beautifully fresh green leaves, good color color?

Please have a look amongst the noboribetsu-(o ^ ^ o)??